Todd McFarlane Say's his new SPAWN Film will be Rated R


If Todd McFarlane ever does get his Spawn movie off the ground, then it for sure has to be rated 'R'. Not like the PG-13 crap released in the 90's. This time around McFarlane wants Spawn to be a much darker film that focuses more on the detectives Sam and Twitch, than on Spawn. Spawn will be there, but he will be lurking in the shadows, doing his thing. It will have less of the supernatural stuff in it, which I think is the right move.  At one point he dropped Leonardo DiCaprio's name as an actor he would like to see star in the movie as one of the lead detectives.  In a recent interview he explains that he wants his movie to be rated 'R' and the way he plans on achieving that.

The reason I want to go small with it is that it's a completely R-rated movie. If I sell it up big, studios want that PG-13. They're a little bit gun-shy with 'Watchmen' not doing the numbers they'd like, but I've met people who make $5 million dollar movies for a living, and they walk around with the biggest grins on their faces.

He makes a good point about the studios. Like most comic book films they would want to get it a PG-13 rating, and Spawn does not belong in the PG-13 world, just like Wolverine doesn't belong in it. If he goes with a smaller budget he can do what he wants, and it will most likely make a bigger profit.

If I take the offer of the big studios with the big budgets and big production values, that's all nice and you have a better chance of getting a big star, and it works for them commercially, but as I get older, it's sort of less interesting to me.

There have been several studios that have come to him wanting to make another Spawn movie, but he hasn't bitten. He is currently working on the script for the film.

I have a hundred pages of notes, and what I've done is catalog all the notes, put them in order and now begin putting a little bit of dialog to them. The main concern right now is getting the scenes and the beats down. Once you get that, then putting words in their mouths is pretty easy.

So there you have folks. If we see a new Spawn movie it will be rated 'R'. I really hope this all goes through. I would love to see a decent Spawn film. What do you think about McFarlane's new Spawn project.

Source: MTV

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