FlashForward Gives Major LOST Spoiler?

RantTV Lost by Joey Paur

The new TV show FlashForward threw out a major Lost spoiler in the background of their last episode. If you were wondered what happened at the end of last season's Lost season finale, the answer was flashed before our eyes. If you haven't seen the last episode of last season, if you keep reading, I will spoil it for you.

Juliet fell down the hole to detonate a hydrogen bomb which in theory was supposed to reset history in a world where Oceanic Flight 815 didn't crash. Well, it looks like that plan may have worked. In the screenshot below for Flash Forward, you can see an Oceanic Airline billboard in the background. You can't really see it here, but in high definition you can see it says at the top:

Perfect Safety Record.


SpectraNUT from the ABC message board has a great theory:

The "perfect safety record" ties in with the fact that Season 6 is going to start out with the "alternate timeline" as if the plane never crashed. The Bomb was detonated by Jack at the end of Season 5 and theoretically that was supposed to change everything. So, based on THAT premise, Oceanic's record WOULD BE PERFECT.

I couldn't agree with him more! But then maybe the creators of Lost were just messing around with us, because they really like to do that. At the same time at the Lost Comic-Con panel, we were shown several "commercials" that showed what life would have been like for the the passengers of of flight 815 had the plane not crashed. We have also been told that everyone from the first season would be back for the last. The only way I can see this happening is if Jack's plan worked and their lives were reset. What do you all think?

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