Review: Supernatural Season 5 Episode 3 'Free To Be You And Me'

As Sam and Dean's stories start to separate Dean finds himself with Cas searching for the archangel Raphael while Sam is seeing his long dead ex-girlfriend.Bobby is still recouping but is still confined to a wheel chair.

Dean and Cas summon Raphael so they can ask him where God is and as they find the right vessel for Raphael and they do their little mojo fire dance he appears only to give them the news that "God is dead".

Sam makes a new friend as he tries to make a new life without hunting being involved only to be pursued by some thugs who have a get even agenda against Sam, and they are packing......demon blood. As the thugs hold Sam's new female friend hostage and threaten to kill her unless he drinks up he puts up a fight only to end up pinned down while they poor the vial of blood down his throat. Sam not wanting to go back to his black-eyed demon ways, stays strong and then tells the guys to get lost. Sam ends up back in his motel room to wake up with his "dead-ex only to finally find out it's actually good ol Lucifer in disguise. Lucifer informs Sam that he is indeed the vessel for his return!

So the beginning of this season we find out Dean is the vessel for Archangel Michael and now Sam is the vessel for Lucifer and Raphael says God is dead (which I DO NOT like) and this looks like it might pit the brothers Winchester up against one another sometime this season in a 'Good Vs. Evil' match!

The season keeps getting better and darker, it's separating the brothers so what will happen and who will win? Tell us what you think!

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