Lionsgate to develop an Exorcism movie called THE VATICAN TAPES

Movieby Joey Paur

Could it be that the Blair Witch Project movie making technique is just finally starting to take off in Hollywood? I really don't remember Hollywood filmmakers trying to mimic that film or marketing style after the movie came out. Then along came Paranormal Activity, which is the same style of filmmaking. It's currently playing in a few city's right now and shows are selling out.

It looks like Lionsgate has taken an interest in this film style. There is a horror film currently in development over at the studio called, The Vatican Tapes, which was written by Chris Borrelli. The movie is based on a tape that is leaked from the Vatican and it displays an exorcism that goes horribly wrong. The movie will be made in the same style as Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity, and REC.

Do you think this will be a growing trend in Hollywood? I hope not, an over-saturation of these kinds of films wont make them interesting anymore.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting

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