Danny Trejo to star in PREDATORS remake


20th Century Fox's Robert Rodriguez produced and Nimrod Antal(Vacancy) directed Predator reboot, titled Predators, has cast it's first star! Apparently Danny Trejo has been telling attendees of the HorrorFind Weekend that he's set to star in Predators. He just couldn't keep that in the bag, but he stayed locked lipped on what his role will be.

The reboot centers on a group of humans who find themselves stranded on a planet home to Predators and must survive the unspeakable horrors they encounter, which aren't always from outside their group.

Trejo has been a long time time collaborator of Rodriguez, and most recently starred in his latest film Machete, which is based off of their Grindhouse fake trailer. When they team up, it's always a treat. So I'm all for it!

Predators will film in Hawaii jungles, and promise that the Predators will look like they did in the first original film.

The film is aiming for a July 7th, 2010 release.

What do you think of Danny Trejo starring in Predators?

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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