No More Heroes 2 Tokyo Game Show

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no more heroes 2

With the sequel of the anticipated No More Heroes 2 desperate struggle on the way it’s no surprise that there would be information for it at this year Tokyo Game Show. Now if you hadn’t heard of No More Heroes it is basically a Wii game, were you control Travis Touchdown a person who is accidentally forced to kill the top ten assassin which his weapon of choice in fighting them is a beam katana. Since its release, the game is possibly the only successful third party Wii game were its craze to fame goes to its unique game play style and hilarious story and it is also created by Suda51 and developed by Grasshopper Manufacture. As far as the upcoming sequel goes, Travis will be able to wield two beam katanas this time, and the mini game jobs will actually be 8 bit games, were you are literally playing an NES game. Also the most astonishing announcement for the Tokyo game show is that game will also have two new playable characters as well which are Henry and Shinbou who were shown as bosses in the first game. So far there is still little information given for the game, but hopefully more information will pop with its 2010 release date for the Wii.

Also take a look at this amazing video from Suda 51:

Source: 1up

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