Antoine Fuqua to Direct PRISONERS


Antoine Fuqua, the director of Training day, Tears of the Sun, King Aurthur, and Brooklyn's Finest is in negotiations to direct a new film called Prisoners, which is a very hot script in Hollywood right now that was written by Aaron Guzikowski.  The film has been set up at Alcon, and will be released through Warner Bros. There was a time when this script was being looked at for a potential directing gig for Bryan Singer, and at one point Mark Walberg and Christian Bale were attached to star in it.

Prisoners is a dark story that centers on a small-town man who, after his daughter and her friend are kidnapped and the cops fail to solve the crime, takes matters into his own hands, holding hostage the person he suspects committed the crime. He also comes into conflict with the big-city detective assigned to the case. The story has drawn comparisons to a number of hit thrillers involving distraught or grieving parents, including Taken and Mystic River.

To me it doesn't seem like anything special. We've seen this story told several different times, so I wonder what this story has got that none of the other movies had. It's gotta have something special to it, with all of the crazy buzz surrounding the script. Who knows maybe this is the best that the story will be told. I hope so! There's nothing wrong with a great film! The question is has Antoine Fuqua got what it takes to turn this script into a good film? Out of all of his movie Training day is his best work, everything else has been pretty mediocre.

The film will start shooting early next year with a $30 to $40 million dollar budget.

What do you think about Fuqua taking on the directing duties for Prisoners?

Source: THR

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