PREDATORS Story and Character Details Revealed


As you know director Robert Rodriguez is producing a new Predator film called, Predators. Directing the film for Troublemaker Studios and 20th Century FOX is Nimrod Antal. Predators is going to be a reboot of the franchise, FOX hope is breaths new life into the skull collecting alien beast. The film is being fast tracked and the release date is set for July 7th 2010. I'm pretty excited about this project, but I have been waiting to hear some more details on the story, and the details are here. Latino Review has put together a nice little script review presentation for Predators, and there are some nice little details that they reveal. Will this new film live up to the fans expectations? It sounds like it will.

LR calls the script Awesome! They say it will be a "kick-ass sci-fi action film, WORTHY OF THE ORIGINAL." Those are some very bold words, because the original is so freakin awesome! We have never seen a Predator film worthy of the original so it's kind of hard to believe that this could be that good. If it really is... then fantastic! They might just have a big hit on their hands.

They also say the movie will not be PG-13. it will be a hard 'R' film that features the same blood and violence that we saw in the original.

*Spoiler Alert*

The story takes place on the home planet of the Predators, One big epic jungle of death. Royce is the main character and the hero of the story,  the movie starts out with him chasing someone down on a rooftop. As a predator watches him Royce kills his adversary. The Predator then kidnaps Royce. He is then taken to the Predator planet. When he is there he meets seven other humans that have been kidnapped from across the globe and taken to the planet.

The seven people include: Cuchillo, a Mexican enforcer who has twin uzi's strapped to his back. Nikolai, a frightening bear of a Russian who is armed with a four barreled rotary machine gun. Isabelle, a bad ass chick armed with a sniper rifle. Stans, a prisoner from San Quentin with a shaved head and armed with a prison made knife. Mombasa, an African member of the Sierra Leone death squad member. Hanzo, a bad ass Japanese Yakuza Enforcer. Edwin, a small man who is formally one of the FBI's most wanted.

The predators will be hunting some of the most hardcore people from the palnet earth. The humans eventually learn that they are the ones being hunted, and they are going to have to fight to survive. The Predator Planet is a game preserve, and they will be hunted by Predator dogs, Predator Falcons, and the predator that is orchestrating everything... a super predator. He is described as a "regular Predator jacked up on steroids." In the script he is know as Black Super Predator. He leads a party of two other super Predators as they hunt the humans as well. There is an American named Nolan that is introduced later in the film who has been hiding out from the Predators.

There is also a great little cameo written into the script.. for none other than Arnold Schwarznegger. Which would so freakin cool if they could really work it out with him!

So there ya have it folks make sure to head on over to Latino Review to check out their video script review. It got me even more pumped for the movie! If it's as awesome as they say it is then we are in for a real treat, and Predator fans can rejoice! What do you all think?

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