500 Days of Summer Director to Remake JUST ANOTHER LOVE STORY


500 Days of Summer director Marc Webb is currently in negotiations to direct a film called, Just Another Love Story, which is the remake of a Danish thriller. Ole Bornedal directed the original, which broke out at the Sundance Film Festival in 2008. The film tells of Jonas, a crime photographer, a family man, and a generally beleaguered resident of suburban malaise until he's involved in a car accident that leaves a stranger, Julia, unconscious in the hospital. Curiosity compels Jonas to visit her, but when Julia's family mistakes him for her boyfriend, Sebastian (whom they've never met), Jonas readily steps into the role. His pretense would be short lived, but Julia awakens with amnesia and, enlivened by the new identity he's inherited, Jonas maintains the deception. Of course, memories return. And so do boyfriends.


Marc Webb is a great director and it seems like he has a unique vision for the films he makes. 500 Days of Summer is one of my favorite movies of the year and I have been looking forward to seeing what Webb will do next. He has been in talks to also direct a reboot of the musical Jesus Christ Superstar for Universal, and has also signed on to develop a dystopian thriller called, Age of Rage, at Fox Searchlight. I'm looking forward to see how these projects he is working on turns out.

Source: THR

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