RED DAWN Remake Photos, Anti-American Chinese Posters, and Charlie Sheen Cameo?

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The 2010 remake of Red Dawn is currently filming, and there is a fan website out there that focuses on all things Red Dawn. I checked it out today and found all kind of Red Dawn remake goodies. I honestly don't know why they are remaking the movie, the original is a classic and it wasn't because it was good. But this remake seems to have been gaining a decent amount of popularity. It must be the Wolverine spirit.

There is a rumor that Charlie Sheen has signed on make a cameo in the Red Dawn remake. This has not been confirmed, but rumors like this are really easy to start.

Like the original film, a gang of unruly teens must to start their own tiny revolution to take back the town after it's been taken over by hostile forces. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen), Chris Hemsworth (Star Trek) , Isabel Lucas (Transformers 2) , Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights) and Connor Cruise (Tom Cruises son) are all cast in the remake.

Here are some photos from the set of the film that I thought you might be interested in checking out. They include: Anti-American Chinese posters, a few actors from the film such as Conner Cruise, Josh Peck and Chris Hemsworth who will be playing Thor. There is also a photo of the main truck with a Wolverines bumper sticker in the back, and a plane crash. Check them out and share your thoughts!

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