THE WIRE: TRUTH BE TOLD - The Story Behind the Show

TVThe Wireby Joey Paur

The Wire

I consider HBO's The Wire one of the best shows to ever to grace out TV's. The show was absolutely incredible. The Wire got five seasons, and now that it's over creator David Simon has written a book with Rafael Alvarez called, The Wire: Truth Be Told. This book give fans the full story behind the show. If you are interested in how Hollywood works and how shows like this are made, then this is a must read.

If you have not seen The Wire then get on it! This show is absolutely amazing! It's a minutely detailed, impressively acted and brilliantly structured look at the war on drugs in Baltimore, Maryland, seen through the eyes of cops (using wire-taps, hence the name), dealers and those caught in between. Each season takes a different focus, but the overall structure and many of the characters remain the same over the show's entire run.

The Wire: Truth Be Told is out now, and the The Wire: The Complete Series is also out on DVD, so start watching it now if you haven't already! There is an audio clip of Simon himself reading from the introduction of the book, which you can listen over at Empire.

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