Fans asked... DISNEY/PIXAR's John Lasseter answers!


Here's the first batch of Q & A videos from DailyMotion. Like they promised, you the fans submit the questions to their Facebook Page, and John Lasseter(VP at Pixar an Head of Disney Animation) answers them.

This is a fun, no budget approach to connecting with the fans! It's not some cheesy rehearsed interview. The questions are all answered while Lasseter and Lee Unkrich(director Toy Story 3) take a car from The San Diego Comic-Con to the airport.

The biggest issue addressed is the lack of female leads in Pixar films. But most are funny and informative as well!

Check them out, and let us know what you think!

Can you discuss if there will be any Pixar projects with a great female lead?

Who wrote the story for Up? From script to animation, how do you develop stories at Pixar?

What does A113 mean? I see it in all the Pixar films.


Does you like Monkeys?

Is the lamp from Luxo Jr. a mamma lamp or a daddy lamp?


Any advice for aspiring animation students?

What’s the secret to brining inanimate objects to life?


What was your favorite joke to tell when you a tour guide on the Jungle Cruise in Disneyland?


Why did the movie Up have such a serious beginning?


Source: /Film

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