Mike Judge Considering a New BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD Movie

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Earlier this week the world was reacquainted with Beavis and Butthead through a promo from Mike Judges new film, Extract. Seeing those two knuckleheads brought to life again again left me with wanting more. I would love to see Beavis and Butthead come back, in either TV mode, or movie mode. It's crazy to think after all these year Mike Judge has been coming up with more ideas for these characters and would love to bring them back. It sounds like he is considering making a second movie. When asked if it felt good going back to Beavis and Butthead he said:

I don't ever want to close the door on that, but it seems like a couple of times when I've done interviews and say I've thought about, I go on the internet and see a headline that says I'm starting on the sequel. If I did do another movie, I wouldn't think of it as a sequel, it's just another. I don't think of the Cheech and Chong movies as sequels. If they didn't take so long-- it would take at least two years, and I haven't had two years to spare in a while. It is fun to do again. I worry that as I get older my voice is going to change, so I don't sound the same. But it was fun doing this one.

Occasionally I'll get an idea. A while back, I was thinking, God it would be so fun to just have them working tech support. They're the guys you get when you call. I started writing stuff down. The guy who I co-wrote the first draft of Idiocracy with, Etan Cohen, the whole time we were working on that script, we kept getting distracted thinking of Beavis and Butthead stuff. He was buying a new car, going through that process, and they started writing something about them wandering on a lot and trying to buy a Mercedes.

I'm sold! How funny would that be!?  He brings up that he feels since he is getting older his voice is going to change, when asked about that he replies:

Yeah, I was still pushing 30 to begin with. I have no excuse. But yeah, I feel like they're always still there. I keep wanting to do something with them being like old, in their 60s, two dirty old men sitting on a couch. I've got various drawings of them old, two of which became their dads in the movie. Yeah, I've thought about that.

He's obviously got a lot of ideas for these two characters, enough to get them up and running again. I know he isn't 100% sure he will get a movie going or not but I really hope he does get around to doing it. I don't see why he wouldn't. What do you all think? Do you want to see a new Beavis and Buthead film?

Source: cinemablend

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