And he said Let there be STAR WARS... and there was Star Wars


Star Wars is a religious experience for some, and for others... they are religious films masked as a sci-fi adventure. And for others still, it is the Brokeback Mountain for robots.

But for one, it is where he hit warp speed and at the same time just floats around in orbit. He is loved for it and hated for it... often times simultaneously.

But let us not get into the deep doctrine of Star Wars. Let us instead indulge in humorous parodies! Here are twenty pics of your favorite Star Wars characters as Saints.

But first, here is...

"The Top Ten Commandments of the Star Wars Galaxy"

#10) Thou Shalt Not Use The Force In Vain.

#9)Thou Shalt Not Worship Protocol Droids, No Matter How Shiny.

#8)Remember The Death Star, And Keep It Holey.

#7) Thou Shalt Not Know Anger. Nor Hatred. Nor Love.

#6) Thou Shalt Not Kidnap... I'm Looking At You, Sand People!

#5) Honor Thy Mother And, If Applicable, Thy Father.

#4) Thou Shalt Not Shoot First.*

#3) Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighboring Planet's Senator, Nor Thy Sister, You Perveth.

#2) Thou Shalt Not Bear False Wicket.

#1) Star Wars Commandment is --- Thou Shalt Not Applaud As Liberty Dies.

A couple of these you may have scene if you followed our post on Star Wars Invades Classic Works of Art to Worth1000, where some of these originate.


Source: TheStooge / io9

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