CLASH OF THE TITANS Behind the Scenes Set Video


Here is a cool little behind the scenes video from the set of the Louis Leterrier's new film, Clash of the Titans, which is a remake of the 1980's film, and is actually addressed in this little video. As much as I hate remakes this is one I am actually looking forward to. Clash of the Titans was one of my favorite films growing up and as I got older, seeing how far movies have come, I've been curious to see what it would look like if this same film if it were done today with the film advancements we have developed. Now I will get a chance to see it! From what has been released for the movie so far... I like what I see. Check out the behind the scenes video below in which Sam Worthing talks about the movie and his role in it,  and tell us what you think!

Source: MTV

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