Jason Schwartzman opens up about the ADVENTURER'S HANDBOOK


Jason Schwartzman caught up with MTV and opened up about the upcoming comedy The Adventurer’s Handbook. Schwartzman is set to star alongside his Funny People co-star Jonah Hill, and Hill's Forgetting Sarah Marshall co-star Jason Segal, who signed on early last month.

The comedy team of Schwartzman, Hill and Segal will begin work on Handbook this spring, with director/Lonely Island member/SNL writer Akiva Schaffer(Hot Rod) taking the helm.

Schwartzman said of the project:

It’s the opportunity to work with people who I respect a lot, like Jonah and Jason and Akiva. Those are the kind of things you look for [in a project]; to work with people who are funny, talented and smart. It’s also a really funny movie, and a lot happens.

The film centers on a group of friends who trade in their monotonous lives for a globe-trotting adventure.

It’s very crazy and wild. It’s just a good, unexpected adventure movie.

In a case of art imitating life, his character is a burned-out Grammy winner. If you're a fan of Schwartzman, you may already know his many musical attributes. He was a founding member of Phantom Planet, has released two records under his solo moniker Coconut Records and scored Funny People for Judd Apatow.

But he was quick to point out that he doesn’t plan to spoof the music industry in any way:

I’m not gonna spoof. No, I don’t ever try to spoof anything. I’m going to approach it as honestly and sincerely as I can, and try to be a guy who’s a successful musician. Because it’s a really delicate script; I don’t want to tip it too far and make it like a big joke. It’s not a spoofy kind of movie, but I will be playing quite an interesting fellow.

Schwartzman even plans to get rid of his signature shag for the film...

I’m really excited about it, and I’m really excited about my hair in the movie.

He laughed, zipping his mouth:

I’m not gonna say. That’s all papa’s got to say right now. I’m gonna leave you hanging. What happened to a cliffhanger? I gotta have a cliffhanger.

I've never really thought about it, but he does seem to have the same hair in all of his movies. Him, Andy Samberg Demetri Martin are in some sort of hair limbo. But how vital can that be to the movie? Unless it's something outrageous like Will Ferrell's hair in Zoolander.


I love the cast. They're all comedic giants, Segal literally, Hill and Schwartzman... well they're not tall. I would globe trot with these guys any day!

What do you guys think of The Adventurer’s Handbook so far?

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