BATTLE: LOS ANGELES Starts Shooting and will be Black Hawk Down meets Alien


Yesterday Aaron Eckhart, who played Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight talked to a bunch of reporters about his next film project Battle: Los Angeles which is scheduled to start filming today. The film revolves around a fight between marines and aliens in the city of Los Angeles. Eckhart says:

"We've got a great shooter [Lukas Ettlin], and he's going to do it like Black Hawk Down meets Alien. So it's going to be real marine stuff. He's going to film it in a very documentary style."

A lot of movies are being filmed documentary style these days. There’s no doubt that the most recent Sci-fi film, District 9, helped seal the deal on how they are going to go about shooting the film.

Eckhart and his co-stars actually spent three weeks in boot camp prepping for the film and what they will be doing. I wonder if these types of military boot camps really work, especially since they are only in them for a very short period of time. Maybe it helps them get into character. Maybe the program is so hardcore that it does work, I want to try it out for myself.

"I'm ready. We have been in boot camp for three weeks. We've trained hard for it. I'm coming dead right off boot camp into it. The director, Jonathan Liebesman, is great. We know our stuff."

You can tell Eckhart is very excited about the film when he says:

"It's going to be no ordinary aliens movie, I guarantee you that. It's going to be outrageous. This movie's going to be so great. I go out on a limb in saying that."

The movie seems like it is going to be a fun popcorn flick. And I’m looking forward to seeing it up on the big screen. What do you all think?

Battle: Los Angeles is slated for release in February 2011.

Source: Scifiwire

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