Stuart Townsend Leaves Marvel's THOR as Fandral and is Replaced

Stuart Townsend was cast and set to play Fandral, one of the classic Warriors Three characters, in Marvel's Thor film. That was until today. According to sources close to the production, he left the film because of "creative differences." 

Ah yes, the whole creative differences excuse. This isn't uncommon in the entertainment industry, and it's the exact reason why studios should steer away from working with bigger name actors. Townsend isn't even really that big of a star, but it doesn't matter, something went down, and he's out. Everyone that has heard Kenneth Branagh's plans for this film has showed an incredible amount of enthusiasm for it, so what is it that Townsend didn't like about it? My guess... his part wasn't big enough for him. Regarless of what the problem was I'm sure there was ego involved. 

There had to be a last minute replacement because Thor starts shooting tomorrow. So who was Townsend replaced by?

Joshua Dallas

Dallas is an American actor who really hasen't done much, which is fine! I think it's great they are going with a lesser known actor for the role, and I'm sure this is the best news ever for him!  He most recently had a decent sized role in The Decent 2, and the George Lucas produced film Red Tails. I guess we'll find out how good of an actor he is soon enough. 

I honestly don't think this is the worst news. Remember, Townsend was replaced by Viggo Mortenson as Aragon in Lord of the Rings, and that was the best possible thing that could have happened to that movie!

The Kenneth Branagh directed Thor stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Renee Russo and Tom Hiddleston

Thor is set to come out May 6, 2011.

So what do you think of THOR's last minute casting change?

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