METAL GEAR SOLID Live-Action Movie is Dead


I’ve got some pretty disappointing news for all the Metal Gear Solid fans out there. Unfortunately it looks like the live-action film that has been trying to get into development isn’t going to happen anytime soon. An MGS film has been trying to get off the ground for a couple years now over at Sony Pictures, and I thought everything was progressing nicely. I thought wrong.

A few days ago Collider spoke to producer Mike De Luca about the film and its progression. They found out that it’s not progressing at all. As you know it’s not uncommon for this to happen in Hollywood with video game movies. As hot as video game films are right now in the industry, some of the biggest and best video games that would make the most incredible films are sitting around collecting dust. The Halo movie is a perfect example. Now Metal Gear Solid joins the ranks of games that are having problems getting adapted. De Luca explains,

I don’t think it’s going to move forward because I got the sense that there may not be enough of a coordinated will at this point on the side of certain parties to see a movie get made

Just because a movie isn’t going anywhere doesn’t mean it won’t eventually get done sometime in the future. As of right now it’s the video game companies that are keeping the film from getting made. Since it is their baby, that want a movie to be made that is to their liking. When the movie studio is looking to change things up a bit and make it more marketable. De Luca says,

The video game companies are very protective of their property and there are certain things a studio requires freedom-wise to market and distribute a movie effectively in a global marketplace and sometimes getting those two things to match up is really hard. And in the case of Metal Gear Solid, the agendas just….not because the parties weren’t amicable, it was just kind of impossible to get the agendas to match up.

MGS is a huge video game with a huge market, and hopefully one day it gets an awesome film adaptation. Maybe when the next couple video game movie adaptations come out and they make a lot of money Sony and Konami will get back together and try and make it happen again. As of right now we’ve got Disney’s Prince of Persia, Screen Gems Resident Evil 4, and Universal's BioShock film to look forward to.

Are you disappointed that the MGS movie fell through?

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