Twilight’s BREAKING DAWN could Start Shooting this Fall with a CG Baby

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Here’s a nice update for all you Twilight fans out there. For those of you that aren’t Twilight fans then why do you even care? The fact is Summit Entertainment is going to finish off the book series. But how are they going to go about filming the last book? There has been talk of them splitting the last bookBreaking Dawn up into two separate films, but apparently this has yet to be decided.

Right now the third Twilight film Eclipse is currently shooting, and according to producer Wyck Godfreythe fourth installment of the series could end up shooting this fall. I haven’t read any of the books, but I’ve heard from several Twi-hards that the fourth book is considered controversial. Some fans liked the ending some fans didn’t. I however don’t care, but right now the studio is trying to figure out how they want to tackle the ending in film form. They want to please all of the fans of twilight.

So whats the big deal? SPOILER ALERT for those of you who care:

A recently graduated  19-year-old Bella giving birth to a half-human/half-vamp daughter named Renesmee, who grows much faster than the average mortal child and who possesses a unique way of communicating with those around her, clearly inherited from Dad's side of the family.

I really don’t care how they handle it. But I assume the fans would want the studio to stay as close to the books story as possible. I don’t know why that’s so hard for the studio to figure out unless they are debating on changing up the ending, which I think would piss off fans.

As for if Breaking Dawn will be split up into films that decision won’t be made until after they get the full script in before they decide if two films is the right way to go.  Godfrey explains,

It's a work in process. The issue [of whether there will be one or two movies] is not going to be resolved until we get the full treatment and see whether it's organic. If it's not organic, I don't think it will be done, and if it is, it will be. It really has to do with how much level of detail from the books there is, with all of these new vampires that appear in 'Breaking Dawn,' the whole section about Jacob... It's a very long single movie if it does become a single movie.

As for Chris Weitz (New Moon) coming back to direct the fourth film Godfrey say’s he doesn’t think it’s going to happen. So if you liked what he did with New Moon, don’t get your hopes up for him coming back to direct the third. I’m convinced that the Twilight fans could care less who directs the film though as long as it gets done. As of right now they aren’t even focused on finding a director for it, they are focused on getting the movie adapted. Godfrey continues saying,

We're just focused on the treatment and getting that right. At that point, we're going to see who's available and who's appropriate. It's such a complicated book because you have the emotions and the intensity of the love story -- so you need somebody who's just a wonderful director of actors -- and yet it's really complicated from an action and visual effects standpoint. They've got to have both tools in their kit.

As for how they plan on handling Bellas daughter Renesmee… CGI. That’s right, they are looking at using the same type of CG special effects that were used in David Fincher’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Using the same techniques used to make Brad Pitt look older and younger.

It's certainly going to be visual effects in some capacity along with an actor. I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being a full CG creation, but it also may be a human shot on a soundstage that then is used to shrink down. I don't know. We need a director. When we get a director, that director will need to come with a point of view of how they want to tackle it.

Well, whatever they are going to do it’s eventually going to get done, most likely this coming fall.

How do you think they should handle Breaking Dawn when adapting it to the big screen?


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