Director Pierre Morel's thoughts on his DUNE Film Adaptation

Taken director Pierre Morel recently took the open spot to direct the film adaptation of Dune after Peter Berg walked off the project to focus on his Battleship movie. We heard Berg talk about what he had planned for Dune many times, but now Morel has started sharing his thoughts on what he has planned for the film, and I think fans are going to like what he has to say.

The first thing he touches on is David Lynch's 1984 film.

As a David Lynch movie, I loved it. As a ‘Dune’ fan, I was not such a big fan.

That's what I'm sayin! I enjoyed the original Dune film myself, as a fan of the book it really didn't do it justice. Morel is a huge fan of the book and I think the fact that he is such a big fan will only help the outcome of the movie.

Oh my God yes, I’ve been a fan of that book – because I will not refer to the movie – I’ve been a fan of the book since I was a teenager. I read that when I was 15, maybe.

I’ve been reading it over and over again – well, I’m 45 now, so for 30 years. The fun story, actually, is that there were six books in that first series that Frank Herbert wrote. Every time I was going to buy a new one – because I couldn’t buy all six at one time – I was reading the previous ones so I would not forget anything. So, by the time I bought the sixth book I had already read the first one six times! So, I’m a hardcore fan.

This guy definitely has a grasp on the story. So what are his plans for the film?

[My movie] is all about the first book. I’m trying to be very respectful to the original novel. But it’s a challenge; there’s a lot of expectation, all the readers will be waiting for me with their shotguns. All the non-readers will also be waiting for us, because it’s such a complex, rich novel and you have to make it accessible to those who have not read the book. So, it’s a tough challenge but I’m very excited about that.

I'm actually very excited to see what Morel has planned for Dune. Much more excited than when Peter Berg was involved. I just think Morel has got the knowledge, skills, and talent to pull off a definitive Dune film that fans of the book are going to love.

What do you all think?

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