Sundance 2010: 3 New Film Clips for THE VIOLENT KIND

Three new films clips/teaser trailers have surfaced over at Cinematical for the new horror film from the Butcher Brothers, The Violent Kind, which will be showing at the upcoming Sundance Film Festival 2010. The clips portray an insanely silly madness, which gives you a pretty good idea of how disturbing this movie is going to be. The clips that are shown are very dark and violent, but the happy music that is playing along with the insanity gives it an extra creepy factor.

Story Synopsis:

Troubled Cody (CORY KNAUF), a second-generation member of a violent and notorious Nor-Cal biker gang, rides out with his friends to party at a cabin located deep within the redwood forest. At the end of the wild evening, things take a turn for the worse when Cody's ex-girlfriend Michelle (TIFFANY SHEPIS) is discovered wandering aimlessly and covered in blood, screaming and convulsing as if she were possessed by something unworldly. Cody and the others try desperately to help Michelle while stuck in the middle of nowhere, but their plans are quickly ruined when another malicious gang, seemingly from the 1950s, shows up "looking for a few kicks...the violent kind." However, this ominous "Rockabilly" gang is not there to pick a fight. They want what's mysteriously growing inside of Michelle - something very evil and powerful - and they will stop at nothing to get it!

Check out the clips below and tell us what you think!