Zemeckis Casts His Beatles for YELLOW SUBMARINE

Robert Zemeckis' has cast the actors that will play The Beatles in his next 3D CGI motion capture film Yellow Submarine. I never saw the point in remaking this film, but it's going to happen and it's going to happen Zemeckis style. There's no doubt he's interested in experimenting more with what motion capture CG technology can do. With a movie like Yellow Submarine he can kinda go nuts.

So who has been cast to play the Fab Four in the movie? Cary Elwes will play George Harrison, Dean Lennox Kelly will play John Lennon, Peter Serafinowicz will play Paul McCartney and Adam Campbell will play Ringo Starr. They are all in negotiations to portray the members of the band in Zemeckis' remake for Disney.

I guess it doesn't really matter what these guys look like because they will all be replaced by CGI Beatle characters that will actually look like The Beatles. They will not do any of the musical numbers though, the musical performance sequences will be done by The Beatles tribute band, the Fab Four. I assume they are going to be used for their body movements because the film will use the actual Beatles recordings for the music, which will include 16 songs. 

The original 1968 animated movie was based on the music by the Beatles and featured a storyline wherein a soldier called Old Fred meets up with the Beatles and travels in a yellow submersible to Pepperland. Among the group's encounters are the music-hating Blue Meanies.

What are your thoughts on the casting direction they have gone with for The Beatles? And What Zemekis has planned for the film?

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