'(500) Days of Summer' Director Marc Webb to Direct SPIDER-MAN Reboot?

Movie Marc Webb by Joey Paur

(500) Days of Summer Director Marc Webb was definitely one of the names that was thrown out there to potentially direct the new Spider-Man reboot films for Sony Pictures. 

As you know Sam Raimi left the production due to story and script complications, and he felt he couldn't get the fourth Spider-Man movie made in time for the release date that the wanted. Now instead of of a Spider-Man 4, we are going to get a whole Spider-Man overhaul that will start from the beginning, but with a more gritty and darker tone. 

According to Deadline Hollywood's sources, Marc Webb met with the films producers who are looking to get the movie into production later this year so it can be released sometime in 2012. The reason why it will take so long to make is because Sony is planing on shooting it in 3D.

It would be nice to be able to see James Cameron finally realize his vision for Spider-Man, but he's got better things to do now. As for Webb being a major contender as a director on the movie, I say freakin awesome! I know he isn't a big name director, he hasn't directed any big budget superhero films, but the guy is a great director, who is very imaginative in the way he tells a story. He also is great with building characters in film. (500) Days of Summer was one of my favorite movies last year, and I knew Webb was going places after I saw it.

The reason the studio is looking at Webb to come on board to direct the film is because according to Deadline Hollywood he is "a director with a grasp of how to depict the way young people think and feel. This is critical because the Jamie Vanderbilt script covers the formative years of a high school-aged Peter Parker, and that POV is as important as the action sequences."

I'd love to see Webb jump on board to direct this Spider-Man reboot, I'd love to see what he can do with it. 

What do you think about Webb as a possible Spider-Man director?

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