Lionsgate To Buy The TERMINATOR Franchise?

As you know the Terminator franchise has been put up for sale due to Halcyon going bankrupt. Now it looks like the franchise has found a buyer, that buyer could be Lionsgate. The Bankrupt company, which is Halcyon asked Lionsgate if they would like to make an offer because they are the preferred bidder. Halcyon has done this to protect themselves from other studios coming in with the intent to low-ball them. 

So at this point it is looking like Lionsgate will be the next owners of the Terminator franchise if everything works out between the two companies. 

I would still love to see a new Terminator film, but I don't want to see McG anywhere near it! That guy did a absolutely terrible job with Terminator Salvation. Since there are still people out there that want to see the Terminator franchise live on here is an idea: Lets forget Terminator 3 and Terminator Salvation ever happened. Lets start right back off from where James Cameron left it and go from there. 

I hope to hell no one has the disastrous idea of rebooting the franchise from the start. Remember Lionsgate is rebooting another one of Arnold Schwartzenegger's films, Conan. But I don't think anyone is stupid enough to reboot Terminator... right?

The fact of the matter is the Terminator franchise will live on, if someone is paying money for it you know damn well they are planning on making more movies. The big question is, what will they do with it? Only time will tell.

What do you think Lionsgate should do with the Terminator franchisee if the end up with it?

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