This Week in Comics, 01.13.2010

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In the ancient jungles of South America, one man travels hundreds of miles and faces unbeatable odds to discover the eternal resting place of the most powerful artifact on the planet...This Week in Comics.

Welcome, GeekTyrants, to our fourth installment of This Week in Comics. It has become quite the hot topic at my watercooler these days, but people have been giving me some tips on how to improve this returning series. If you have any critiques, ideas or comics you'd like to see mentioned, let me know (in the comments section). For now, let's attack that comic news, Sheen-style!

-- Most of the news this week is from DC, but there is some Marvel news you might be interested in. Kitty Pryde is coming back to the Uncanny X-Men! Wait, when did she leave? Was she dead? Is Gambit still around these days? Man, he was my favorite of the X-Men, just because he macked on ALL the women and didn't really give a rip. Yeah, Kitty Pryde is pretty useless compared to Gambit. [Trailer at CBR]

-- Jeph Loeb (Batman: Hush, The Long Halloween, Ultimatum) and Arthur Adams are working together for the new Marvel Ultimate Universe release, Ultimate X. Has anyone considered using a Marvel author like Loeb to write the new Spider-Man movie? Am I the only one that thinks that's a good idea? I mean I'm not asking for anyone to pay me, but seriously, I feel like that's the best idea any entertainment company could make these days. [CBR]

-- DC has announced on their blog, The Source, that Birds of Prey, the recently 2009 cancelled title, will be coming back with writer Gail Simone and artist Ed Benes. Comments to this post involve the quotes, "Joygasm!", "It’s fraggin’ time, I say." and "And with this, my year has been made." Your year has been made?? Two weeks in and Birds of Prey restarts get you going? Alright, person, you do your thing. For such an obscure title, people seem excited. For that, I'll be watching the complete Birds of Prey WB series on DVD tonight.

Not really. [The Source]

-- DC's other big announcement concerns the follow-up title to their Summer crossover, Blackest Night. With Johns at the helm, I knew the creative name to this title would blow my mind. And it did: Brightest Day. That's right, it's gonna be a 26 bi-weekly series following up on the events and characters from Blackest Night, as 52 did after Infinite Crisis. Does that mean twice a week, or once every two weeks? I never remember. I just know I have to pay child-support tri-annually, or every three years. Well, I made that term up, but that's pretty much the schedule I follow. [CBR]

If you want to know anything else about Brightest Day and the included titles, go to The Source homepage and scroll down. They have the Hammer-pants to fit your groove. Included titles? The Flash, JLA and Titans.

-- Justice League: Generation Lost. A new on-going title. Check out the cover art below. Molester Booster Gold, Victims Fire and Ice, and "Chemical Accident at the Job" Captain Atom. Am I gonna throw Guy Gardner into that mix? You're damn right I'm going to. Suck it, DC! When you don't say anything about the book, I'm free to make up anything I want. I also have Dr. Strange and John Conner joining the team. How do you like that? [gaijINside]
Comic of the Week: Adventure Comics #6. Johns and Manapul are leaving. It sucks. The Superboy-Prime issues were totally badass, but this issues brings the story back to Con-El, or Superboy. The author for issue #7? Tony Bedard!

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