Trailer for MACHOTAILDROP - The Weirdest Skateboarding movie Ever Made

Movieby Joey Paur

I love the sport of skateboarding, and it's amazing to see what these athletes can pull off, because lets face skateboarders are athletes, I don't care what anyone says. There aren't many skateboarding movies have been made, of the top of my head I can only name three Thrashin'Grind, and Lords of Dogtown. We can now addMachotaildrop to that list of films, only this one is unlike any type of sports movie ever made. This film is out in left field and I think my brain popped after I watched the trailer. 

The trailer starts out pretty normal, but then takes you to a place you didn't expect to go at all, and it looks insanely wonderful. I can't wait to see this movie!

Machotaildrop is a highly visual and fantastical journey about an amateur skateboarder, Walter Rhum, who realizes his dream of turning pro and riding for the world's greatest skateboard company... Machotaildrop. Set in an anachronistic time and place, Machotaildrop is the greatest skateboard company of its day and the regal and grand sport of skateboarding has been thriving for many generations. Walter's journey serves as a window through which we discover the dark underbelly of what appears at first to be a benign skateboard company.

The movie was written and directed by Corey Adams and Alex Craig and they made it after they won a film contest on Fuel TV in 2004 and was then given a million dollar budget to make a feature film. This is it. And this is it. The film looks like quite a crazy, weird and zany skateboarding coming of age adventure. Check out the trailer below and tell us what you think. This is sure to throw you for a loop. 

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