James Cameron's AVATAR is close to Dethroning TITANIC's #1 Box Office Spot

As you know Avatar currently holds the number two spot as the highest grossing movie of all time and according to James Cameron it will eventually hit the number #1 spot. We've discussed this several times and we all are pretty much in agreement that it's possible. In the past, when Cameron was asked if Avatar would take over Titanic's spot as number one he cautiously responded saying, 

I don't think it's realistic to try and topple 'Titanic' off its perch.

He has definitely changed his tone. Last night when he was asked about it at the Golden Globes he responded with the following,

It's gonna happen. It's just a matter of time. 

It really is just a matter time! The numbers are in after another strong weekend and it has made a grand total of $1.64 billion dollars! It is on it's way to sinking Titanic's record of $1.84 billion. In the beginning I didn't think it was possible, but now with James Cameron's new movie blowing up like it is, I believe anything is possible! The Avatar sequel is going to make so much more money too! It's insane!

So expect Avatar to take over Titanic in the next few weeks, especially after the Best Picture win at the Golden Globes. Believe it or not, there are still a ton of people out there that haven't seen the movie yet. I personally know like 10 people that still need to see it. 

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