Jim Sturgess offered role of Peter Parker in SPIDER-MAN Reboot?

Now here's a very interesting rumor regarding the reboot of the Spider-Man franchise and it involves the casting of the lead role of Peter Parker a.k.a. Spider-Man. There are so many Spider-Man casting theories and rumors about who will be cast as the next web-slinger, but nothing really that solid. We've heard that Twilight's Taylor Lautner has met with Sony, Zac Efron's and Joseph Gordon Levitt's names have also been thrown out into the wind, but nothing has been confirmed.

As I was looking for some Spider-Man reboot updates online I came across an interesting article at Ace Show Biz that has some information that points to actor Jim Sturgess actually being offered the role of Parker. Sturgess is a very believable casting choice, one I really can't argue with because I think he could pull off the role quite well. 

This news was brought into light by Hollywood News which noticed a retweet by Adulthood director Noel Clarke to British actor Arnold Oceng in which he mentioned that Sturgess has been offered the part in the upcoming Spider-Man film saying,

Got inside track. jim sturgess has bin offerd the new spiderMan in spiderMan reboot, U knw I always get da inside scoop.

Clarke wrote on Wednesday, January 17. Later, when asked by the site if the rumor is true, Oceng replied,

Of course it is.

We still have no official confirmation from Sturgess or Sony so who knows how true this rumor is. You may know Sturgess from the films 21 and Across the Universe. There's no stopping the Spider-Man franchise from getting the reboot, so if it has to happen I think Sturgess is a really good choice.

The Spider-Man reboot will follow Spider-Man's alter ego Peter Parker during his high school age, and and there has been talk of it being more gritty and contemporary. The film will be produced by Columbia Pictures, Marvel Studios, Avi Arad and Laura Ziskin. It is planned to be released in summer 2012.

Whether this is true or not what do you think about Jim Sturgess taking on the role of Peter Parker?

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