Summit Entertainment Aquires the rights to a Zombie Love Story called WARM BODIES

This is a very interesting story about two Zombie that fall in love. The movie is going to be called Warm Bodies and it's based on a book by Isaac Narion called, I am a Zombie filled with Love. This is definitely different from any Zombie film or story I have heard before, it's an original tale that follows a tormented zombie who can't remember his name. The story is told from his point of view as a zombie if a zombie were able to write down any kind of rational thoughts, the story reads like a journal. In the story he comes across a live girl who is the girlfriend of one of his victims. The Zombie takes her and hides her from the other zombies. The relationship they start sets in motion a chain of events that will transform him and his fellow zombies. 

I was just joking when I suggested that Summit Entertainment make a love story film about zombies. As you know they are the studio that is developing the Twilight series. They even went ahead and attached a director to the film. A guy by the name of Jonathan Levine who is attached to write and direct the project. Levine directed a great little film back in 2008 called The Wackness, which put him on the map as a talented young filmmaker. He is about to start directing the Seth Rogan and Anna Kendrick film, formally titled I'm With Cancer, it currently doesn't have a title. 

The zombie book that was written by Marion was actually inspired by a short story that he wrote which you can read here. I have included a little excerpt from the story for you below.

Eating is not a pleasant business. I chew off a man's arm, and I hate this, it's disgusting. I hate his screams, because I don't like pain, I don't like to hurt things, but this is the world now, this is what we do. Of course, if I don't eat all of him, if I leave enough, he'll rise up and follow me back to our dusty field outside the city, and that might make me feel better. I'll introduce him to everyone, and maybe we'll stand around and groan for a while. It's hard to say what "friends" are anymore, but maybe that's close. If I don't eat all of him, if I leave enough...

But of course I don't leave enough. I eat his brain, because that's the good part. That's the part that, when I swallow it, makes my head light up with feelings. Clear memories. For about three to ten seconds, depending on the person, I get to feel alive. I get traces of delicious meals, beautiful music, perfume, sunsets, orgasms, life. Then it fades, and I get up and stumble out of the city, still dead, but feeling a little less so. Feeling ok.

I don't know why we have to eat people. I don't understand what chewing off a man's neck accomplishes. We certainly don't digest the meat and absorb the nutrients. My stomach is a rotted bag of dried bile, useless. We don't digest, we just eat until the weight forces it out our ass holes, and then we eat more. It feels so useless, and yet it keeps us walking. I don't know why. None of us really understand why we are the way we are. We don't know if we're the result of some kind of global infection, or some ancient curse, or something even more senseless. We don't talk about it much. Existential debate is not a major part of zombie life. We are here, and we do things. We are simple. It's nice sometimes.

It's pretty amusing, and I imagine the movie will have a lot over voice over thought narration but it definitely could be a fun and interesting zombie film to watch. I like the fact that we haven't seen zombies in this kind of light before. It's like a indie romance comedy with zombies. 

Here is the trailer for the book, check it out and then tell us what you think about this new zombie film.

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