FOX to Develop a U.S. Version of TORCHWOOD possibly DR. WHO as well

I'm just going to yank this off really fast like a band-aid and tell you that FOX is currently prepping up to develop an Americanized version of the hit U.K. TV series Torchwood. I imagine the hardcore fans of the original series are going to moan and groan at this little bit of news. It may make the transition better to know that the original series creator Russell Davies is writing the script for the new U.S. Torchwood series. That's gotta say something about his commitment to the series. Not only is he heavily involved, but so is the rest of the original producing team, and some of the current cast will jump on board the show if FOX orders the pilot -- such as John Barrowman, who plays the immortal Capt. Jack Harkness.

If for some reason you don't already know, Torchwood is a spin-off of Doctor Who, which is about a covert group that investigates and fights alien activity. The new U.S. version of the show will contain a global story line compared to the more localized sensibility of the first two BBC seasons.

There is also some talk about BBC Executive VP Jane Tranter trying to reboot Doctor Who for American audiences as well. I'm surprised that this didn't happen sooner, the series has been around forever. There is a huge Doctor Who and Tourchwood fan base, and I have a feeling that there are going to be mixed feelings regarding these series reboots for the U.S.

This may be the opportunity that the original creator and producers were looking for, it will give them a chance to do what they really wanted to do with the shows, because they will most likely be given a much bigger budget than what the U.K. versions have been given. The bigger budget gives them the opportunity to expand on the stories, and the universe. It's not like anyone is taking the series over, the original creative team are the ones developing it, and the U.K. shows aren't being cancelled. Personally, I think it could be cool, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they have in store for the fans. 

What are your thoughts on the Tourchwood and possible Dr. Who U.S. reboots?


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