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Spider-man news has been quite eventful in the last two weeks for the GeekTyrant Weekly Podcast. Too bad it's always right after we finish recording the podcasts. Last week, about half an hour after wrapping recording the podcast, the news that Sami Raimi's Spider-man 4 was scrapped to reboot the franchise broke. Yesterday, a few hours after wrapping up, it was confirmed that Sony struck a deal with (500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb to helm the next three Spider-man films!!! Granted, it would have been the day after we usually record, as we spent Monday soaking up the rain and braving the winds at the rally in support of Conan O'Brien's Tonight Show.

So listen and enjoy as Venkman, Mazer, Abe, Ben and Bob discuss the winners, losers, and upsets at the Golden Globes; review The Book of Eli; give a breakdown of what happened with Sony and Spider-man (we herald Marc Webb before he was confirmed), and tell stories about the shenanigans that occurred at the Conan Rally (to check out the signs we made for the event Click Here).

Here's the breakdown:

Box Office Numbers - 1:09

Golden Globe Winners - 6:52

Avatar - Best Drama - 7:10
Jeff Bridges - Best Actor, Drama - 10:27
Sandra Bullock - Best Actress, Drama - 12:14
The Hangover - Best Musical or Comedy - 13:34
Robert Downey, Jr. - Best Actor, Musical or Comedy - 15:06
Meryl Streep - Best Actress, Musical or Comedy - 16:50
Up - Best Animated Film - 18:36
Christoph Waltz - Best Supporting Actor, Drama - 19:10
Mo'Nique - Best Supporting Actress, Drama - 20:15
Up In The Air - Best Screenplay - 20:46
Up - Best Original Score - 21:30
Crazy Heart - Best Original Song - 22:48
Toni Collette - Best Performance - United States of Tara - 23:11
John Lithgow - Best Supporting Actor in TV Series - 23:47
Michael C. Hall - Best Actor in TV Series - 25:03
Mad Men - Best TV Series, Drama - 25:55
Alec Baldwin - Best Actor in TV Series, Comedy or Musical - 26:15
Glee - Best TV Series, Comedy or Musical - 26:21


Book of Eli Review - 27:40

Spider-Man 4 Reboot - 36:10

Conan Rally - 41:40



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