Hey Smallville fans! I don't know if you've seen this or not, but The CW has released a new promo trailer and poster for the upcoming Smallville movie event Absolute Justice

These are the two episodes that were written by highly acclaimed comic book writer Geoff Johns, and The CW felt that the story would serve the fans better if they combined the two episodes into one TV movie event, which I definitely think was the right move. Glen Winter directed the first hour and Tom Welling directed the second hour. I've been looking forward to this.

Here is the story rundown:

A man named Sylvester Pemberton tracks down Chloe and tells her he knows about her team of superheroes and needs their help. However, before he can explain who he is, he is attacked and killed by Icicle. Clark and Chloe's investigation leads Clark to the former headquarters of the Justice Society of America where he meets up with Kent Nelson AKA Dr. Fate, Carter Hall AKA Hawkman and Courtney Whitmore AKA Star Girl. Courtney pleads with Hawkman and Dr. Fate to help her catch the killer that is targeting their group but they are reluctant to resume their duties as superheroes. Clark, John Jones, Green Arrow and Chloe team up to help the JSA stop Icicle before he murders another member of the group. Meanwhile, Lois receives a package from a mysterious agency called Checkmate, run by Amanda Waller. Posted on KryptonSite.

The TV movie is set to air on Frday, February 5th at 8/7c. Check out the new promo trailer for Smallville: Absolute Justice below and let us know what ya think!

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