Movieby Joey Paur

The Film Department is the same production company that brought us the Gerard Butler and Jamie fox film Law Abiding Citizen. They have now secured the rights to an action-comedy film written by Jeff Morris called True Memoirs of an International Assassin.

The story centers on an ordinary guy who leads the dull life of an accountant by day while at night, he's writing a novel about the life he wishes he had: the tale of a brilliant, fearless, glamorous assassin. When a publisher buys his book, he quits his job and the whole world thinks he really is his alter-ego and when he goes on vacation to Belize, he's met by a drug lord with several trunkloads of weapons, $2 million in cash, and an offer he can't refuse -- to kill the prime minister.

The movie has a pretty fun and interesting concept. But, I will point out that it doesn't make that much sense due to the fact that why would anyone think the character in his book is based on him? I don't go around thinking Stephen King is some kind of demon from another dimension. But, what the hell... it's a movie and I'm sure it sounds like it could be a funny comedy. I can definitely see the potential. 

Michael De Luca, Alissa Phillips, Film Department co-topper Mark Gill and Robert Katz will produce. Film Department co-chief Neil Sacker and Michael Goguen are exec producing and Scott Nemes is co-producer.

What are you thoughts on the plot of this movie?

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