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I was shipwrecked on this murky and dark island jungle. Both my legs were broken. I fought off wild boars and my survival was dependant on the few life lessons I had learned in my short life. Each of those lessons were found in This Week in Comics...

Geek Tyrants! Salutations and welcome to another edition of TWIC! I've enjoyed my short stint here at, and I'm excited to finally be a part of the roster, with my own nametag to boot! So thanks, Mazer, for all his hard work as well as the rest of the GeekTyrant staff. What up, Nixel Pixie?

With all that said and done, on to the comics!

-- Back in the 1980s, or what seems like ancient history to most of you, Superman was rebooted by John Byrne after an insane redefining of the DCU in the pages of Crisis on Infinite Earths. It began the Modern Age of Comics, or as we know them today, by introducing Superman to a multitude of new and complex challenges. For a more in-depth look at the Byrne years, try this Committed article by Sonia Harris. As for me, I'm sticking with the wacky Metropolis sewer people of the Dan Jurgens years... [COMMITTED: Byrne's Superman]

-- Gosh, are you as pissed off as I am about the failure of not only Terminator Salvation, but The Sarah Connor Chronicles as well? Oh really? Well, lucky you! Well, for those die-hard fans of the Terminator mythos, Joss Whedon's little brother Zach Whedon is penning a prequel to The Terminator. It's called "The Terminator" (Hmm, sounds like he's talked to Geoff Johns about good titles.). If you thought Sam Worthington's character was boring, check this out:

"[Kyle Reese] is backed up by his two closest friends, Ben and Paige [Devil's threeway?]. They all are living in a survivor colony in Pasadena at the start of the series. This is a place where they have gotten settled in, a place that feels like home to all of them. Kyle's mission is to protect the people living in this colony. The mission for all of them is survival [DUN DUH duh dunh duh!]"

This is taking place immediately before Reese's trip to the past, because for obvious reasons, he doesn't make it back to the future. That obvious reason is the Terminator kills him. Ooops, sorry. **SPOILER ALERT ABOVE** [TERMINATOR DAY: Zack Whedon, PREVIEW: Terminator #1]

-- Speaking of Whedon, have you heard about his latest TV failure? It was Dollhouse, and I'm on the brink of finishing the second and final season. It is craaazy! But as some well know, the comic book world is where most Whedon shows go to die. But this may not be the case for Dollhouse:

"I don't think it's a comic. It's a TV show...apparently not a Fox show [Haha!], but it is a TV show. There are themes in it and ideas that could work in a comic, but for me to spend the amount of time it would take keeping the comic true to what's already out there when I'm already doing that with 'Buffy' would be a ridiculous waste of my time." - Joss "The Loss" Whedon

Oh well. This isn't really going to affect me personally. I'm still reeling from the last few episodes of Dollhouse! Wooooo! Ok, I'm good. [Joss Whedon Says Goodbye To "Dollhouse"]

-- Well, it looks like Marvel is the one tagging along with big boy DC this time. According to some sources, Marvel sent out a "memo" (I don't know why there are quotes) concerning comic shops sending in extra copies of DC books to Marvel for copies of the rare Deadpool variant to "Siege" #3. This seems to suggest that Marvel is struggling to sell their SIEGE stuff while DC sells out of Blackest Night tie-ins:

"While proponents of the cover-swap promotion such as Marvel's Tom Brevoort were quick to note that the publisher didn't name DC or "Blackest Night" in their press release, singling out only "Blackest Night" tie-ins for trade sent a clear message. And that message was, 'If you couldn't sell all the copies of DC's event comics, we think you'll do better with ours.' (When reached by CBR for comment on the promotion, Marvel representatives said that the initial press release was all their sales and marketing team would have to say on the matter)."

It's finally good to see a multi-million dollar company coming up a winner once and a while, am I right? **throws brick through NYC office windows**[Making Sense Of Marvel's Ring Swap Promo]

-- Because I'm a fan of Crisis on Infinite Earths, I'm retroactively a fan of Marv Wolfman and George Pérez (both personal friends and colleagues). They started together on Teen Titans in 1980, and now they're back together on the title they founded. Now if we could just get Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons back together for a Watchmen sequel! Wait, everyone died?! Gaahhh! [Return of a Titan: George Pérez, DCU IN 2010: PREPARE FOR TEEN TITANS: GAMES]

-- Other upcoming DC titles you may be interested in include First Wave. No, not the new wave XM Radio station, but the "The pulp-y, neo-noir epic from writer Brian Azzarello and artist Rags Morales". Azzarello is known for his Lex Luthor and Joker stories, while Morales is famous for the art for Identity Crisis and some JLA. As for me, I love pulp, even in my orange juice! Further, Paul Levitz took a step in the right direction by bringing The Legion of Superheroes back to its own title. I was getting sick of that weak sauce back-feature in Adventure Comics. [Levitz Pulls Double Duty On "Adventure" and "Legion" and The FIRST WAVE expands in April]

Well, there you have it. All the comic book news I think is important for this week! Below are the weekly TWIC picks, which means you don't HAVE to pick them up, but I'll think you're 10 points cooler if you do. For homework, I would like to see some suggestions in the comments section on titles you'd like me to check out. And I am open to ANYTHING... If I like your suggestions, I may just compile them into This Week in Reviews and mention your name! Doesn't that sound like a dream come true!? See you next week.


"I wanted to give comics a special place when I was writing things like Watchmen. I wanted to show off just what the possibilities of the comic book medium were, and films are completely different." --Alan Moore


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