Web Series CAMERA OBSCURA Trailer Debut + Some Cool Pics!

Check out these creepy ass pics I dug up and the crazy trailer at the bottom for the upcoming web series entitled, Camera Obscura. MWG Entertainment will be premiering the 17 episode web series very soon. CO is helmed by Drew Daywalt and produced by Max Goldenson, Robert Kandle, Drew Daywalt, Bea Egeato, Sarah Evershed for Fewdio Productions. The cool web series features the talented FX work of Jeff Farley and Obscura Artifacts. I'm sold on this already so i'm really looking forward to it!


Camera Obscura is a supernatural thriller that follows a young woman, Clara, and her relationship with her reclusive grandfather (Klugman), a grizzled LAPD crime scene photographer. When he passes away, Clara soon discovers there was more to his life than she ever could have imagined. Quickly realizing the world is on a desperate precipice between reality and a nightmare dreamscape where unimaginable creatures freely walk the earth, she must finish her grandfather's quest before all hell breaks loose.

Source: Dread Central

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