Lionsgate Snags Distribution Rights for BURIED


Variety reports that Rodrigo Cortes' claustrophobic thriller Buried (starring Ryan Reynolds) has been picked up by Lionsgate.

I believe Latino Review's El Mayimbe first reported that there was a bidding war among the studios for the film, which has been getting fantastic buzz from Sundance. I hope our crew, Dr. Venkman and Abe Froman, get a chance to check out this movie, because it's definitely my most anticipated movie coming out of the festival.

The movie is essentially a one man show concentrating on Reynolds' character, a U.S. Contractor in Iraq who is imprisoned in a coffin for the practically the entire movie. He has only a lighter, a cell phone, and some glow sticks with him, and there is a large ransom at stake for his freedom. There has even been word that there is an action scene held within the coffin! Needless to say, I can't wait to see this - and thanks to Lionsgate (a studio I really like), audiences who couldn't make the trip out to Utah are now guaranteed a chance to check this out on the big screen.

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