SAW VII 3-D Vs. Paranormal Activity 2 : The Rematch!

Ok, so remember last Halloween when a little unknown movie called Paranormal Activity knocked off  the reigning Halloween champ Saw VI, from the ever so popular and never ending Saw franchise. Ok here's some crazy news for you,  Saw VI director Kevin Greutert was supposedly hired to direct PA2 and now it looks like the folks over at Twisted Pictures have exercized their option to keep him aboard for Saw VII 3-D. Well the funny thing is Twisted Pictures had already brought back aboard Saw V director David Hack but they are keeping him too but reasigning him to a new projectl So it looks like PA2 has to start from scratch to find a new helmer. This is kind of low balling aint it but it loks like the folks over at Twisted Pictures want their crown back and they're willing to throw some punches! Here's the story from Deadline Hollywood;

"Saw franchise partners Twisted Pictures and Lionsgate have just exercised an option and installed Saw VI director Kevin Greutert as director of Saw 3D, the seventh volume of the fright series. That blocks Paramount, which had hired Greutert to direct Paranormal Activity 2. Both films are set for release on October 22nd, and the move came after Paramount set that date. Meanwhile Twisted Pictures, which held an option on the director from back when he helmed Saw VI, bumped previously announced Saw 3D director David Hackl, who directed Saw V and who will be assigned another film quickly, sources [say]. Both directors have been involved in the Saw films from the beginning."

Stay tuned to see what else happens!

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