Sundance 2010 Review: TUCKER & DALE VS EVIL - Best Movie Going Experience at the Festival

ReviewMovie Sundance by Joey Paur

Directed by: Eli Craig

Starring: Tyler Labine, Alan Tudyk


Tucker and Dale, two hillbillies heading to their “fixer-upper” cabin for some relaxin’, discover they ain’t alone in them woods. They encounter an SUV full of vacationing college kids, and Dale unintentionally creeps them out. But later, as he and Tucker are fishing, Dale rescues one of them—the pretty blond Alison—after she falls into the lake. Assuming she’s been captured, the indomitably preppy college kids rally to find her. A comically macabre battle between Izods and overalls, Eli Craig’s ingenious sendup of the horror genre recounts a simple misunderstanding gone grotesquely wrong. Our hillbilly psycho killers are actually sweet as pie; it’s the judgmental college kids who have “issues.”


Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil was the best movie going experience I had at the Sundance Film Festival! This is an extremely funny film and as far as horror comedies go this is one of the best I’ve seen. I’d go as far to say as, it was better than Zombieland. I laughed so hard during the screening of this movie that I cried and it was like that from start to finish. It was absolute torture watching this film because of how much my stomach and face hurt from laughing. I think I pulled a muscle in my face. Now just so you know, I wasn't the only one laughing in this film, the entire audience was. This film's got everything.

The story was incredibly fun and original, the concept of this film was genius. I absolutely loved the two main characters in this movie. The actors that portrayed them, Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk, were pretty freakin awesome. These poor guys are as happy as they can be with the new cabin they just bought when all of a sudden these college kids come up to go camping in the nearby woods. Through a series of hilariously terrible event’s the college kids start accidently killing themselves, Tucker and Dale are scared to death trying to figure out what in the hell is going on, thinking some kind of college kid suicide cult is out in the woods trying to kill them and themselves. The college kids on the other hand, think that Tucker and Dale are a couple of crazy hillbillies trying to murder them, and the kids -- through a huge series of misunderstandings -- are only trying to protect themselves while accidently killing themselves in the process. 

The movie is brilliant. There is definitely a campiness to it, but it’s so obviously intentional. Tucker and Dale are actually more grounded in reality than the college kids. It’s the college kids who are ridiculously over the top and campy, but it only makes the film that much more funny. 

Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil is a must see movie! It’s a perfect comedic horror film that’s full of blood, gore, and laughs. I have nothing but good things to say about it, so when this sucker gets released in theaters, go and see it!

Here's a great little trailer for the film to give you an idea of what I'm talking about.

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