What's Going on with Brad Birds 1906 San Francisco Earthquake Film?

1906 is a movie I've been looking forward to seeing since I first heard about it in 2008. Supposedly Bird has been working on getting it developed for the last 2 years, but still after all this time it doesn't look like the production has gone anywhere!

The film is about the 1906 earthquake that hit the city of San Fransisco and absolutely devastated the area beyond all recognition. 

Bird is a fantastic director that brought us Pixar classic such as The Incredibles and Ratatouille. 1906 would be his first live-action film and there is no doubt the film would be epic, at least that's how I see it in my head. So why is the project not going anywhere? Blue Sky Disney explains:

Time has kept ticking and it seems no closer to being made than before. There is no official start date. There is no studio approval from Warner or its Disney-Pixar partnership. Yes, the Mouse is involved, but Warner is the active partner in this. The budget and length of the script are said to be problems for the Suits that weld power over Brad's fate. And there is doubt that they will give it approval. Bird has turned in at least two drafts and is awaiting a decision. Several Bothans that I talked to are starting to express doubt that it'll ever come to pass. Not that it isn't a great script that would make a great film, but the length and size of the budget make some at Warner very nervous. Think of it as a project of "Titanic" proportions and yes I meant the innuendo.

Come on! Just like Bird make the damn film! It's one of those films that has awards written all over it! If it eventually gets made it could be a huge movie. This is a film I want to see made, the history behind this earthquake is incredible and would make for a great movie. I really don't want to see this movie project die, and unfortunately thats what sounds like is happening. 

Hollywood can be so frustrating at times. Here is a film that has the potential to be incredible, yet at the same time they keep pushing out crappy films that suck.

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