1983 Interview: Frank Herbert loved David Lynch's Film Version of DUNE

Here we've got a fantastic little 1983 interview with Dune author Frank Herbert and Dune director David Lynch. In the interview Herbert expresses his love for Lynch's film version of Dune. 

I enjoyed David Lynch's Dune, I've seen it a great deal of times, mostly while growing up. The movie isn't a solid adaptation of the book, but Lynch did the best he could focusing on the political aspect of the story. I've noticed there are a lot of people that are torn with this movie. Some people love it, some people don't. But in this interview Herbert explains why he loved it, and how it succeeds on many levels, including how it's better than his classic novel in some ways. 

The interview is posted in 6 parts and has a ton of great information including how Lynch actually had a completed script for Dune 2. I've posted the first part of the interview below for you to get started. Hope you enjoy!

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