Flight of the Concords Co-Creator James Bobin Directing the New Muppet Movie?

There is a strong possibility that the co-creator of the hilarious HBO series Flight of the Concords James Bobin may end up directing a brand new Muppets movie! This is the same Muppet film that is set up at Disney and co-written by Jason Segel, so the potential of this movie just got a lot more awesome. Bobin has the perfect creative mind to successfully bring the Muppets to the big screen again. No deal has been confirmed or finalized by reps at Disney say the movie is "James' to direct — if he wants it." So it all depends on if this is the project he wants to work on. He does have other options.

Bobin has a been given another opportunity to direct a Judd Apatow comedy being set up at Universal Pictures called Bridesmaids which was co-written by SNL's Kristen Wiig.  This film is about two women battling to plan their friend’s wedding party. I'm a huge fan of Wigg and it will be interesting to see what her first written film will be like. I just don't think Bobin should do it. 

Personally I would like to see Bobin take on the Muppets film project. I think it will be a bigger hit and better career move for him. However, I can see him taking on the Judd Apatow and Kristen Wiig project. There a possibility it may appeal to him more due to the fact that he can be more raunchy with a Apatow film. I guess we'll find out soon enough what project Bobin will direct.

What do you think Bobin should do, Muppets or Bridesmaids? 

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