James Cameron's AVATAR surpasses the $1 Billion Dollar Mark making it the 4th Highest grossing Movie Ever

Well Gang, James Cameron has done it again. Avatar has entered into the billion dollar movie club. Not long ago the GeekTyrant crew and I were discussing if Cameron's Avatar would actually make it's money back or at least break even. I honestly didn't think it would. The reason I thought that was because there was a lot of Avatar hate bashing going on at the beginning, and there was no built in audience for this film like there was for The Dark Knight, and most comic book movies. I was wrong in my assumption. I really hoped it would succeed, but I wasn't expecting much. People are loving this movie, and I think it's great!

Now for the second time James Cameron has made a movie that has brought in over $1 billion dollars! As of right now the film stands as being the fourth highest grossing movie of all time! James cameron is the only director that has been able to accomplish this feat. It has brought in $352.1 million domestically, including a weekend take of $68.3 million, which is also the best gross ever for a film in its third weekend. In total, world wide the film has made $1,018,811,00. Oh, and just so you know he reached this billion dollar mark in only 17 days. 

Avatar is still raking in the cash so who know hows much farther up the ladder it will climb before it leaves theaters. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest comes in at number three with $1,066,179,725. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King is number two with $1,119,110,941. Of course we all know Cameron's Titanic comes in at number one with $1,842,879,955. 

It's not far behind the number three spot and I don't see any reason why it won't take it over. Avatar is well on its way to taking on the number two spot on highest grossing movies ever. Cameron has proved himself time and time again that he knows what he's doing, and he knows what the people want to see. This guy will be able to make any movie he wants, whenever he wants, from here on out. I can't wait to see what else he's got up his sleeve. 

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