Stephen King's Top 10 Movies of 2009

Stephen King has unleashed his top 10 movie list of 2009 and I gotta say, it's exactly what I would have expected from him. The guy always makes some very interesting choices. It makes me wonder what exactly goes on in the extremely imaginative head of his. Perhaps he sees something in some of these films that we don't. It definitely should make for some good conversation. I'm a huge fan of Stephen King, but his movie lists are just so weird.

Here are his top 10 films of 2009 and I've added a little bit of a explanation for each film that he wrote for EW.

10. 2012

It's staffed by solid actors having fun, and stuffed with eye-popping special effects — you got a problem with that?

9. Fantastic Mr. Fox

When Mr. Fox (George Clooney) and his devoted missus (Meryl Streep) put aside their sophisticated banter long enough to gobble their dinner — in about four seconds — both the kids and the grown-ups in my audience screamed with delighted laughter.

8. The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3

This makes Public Enemies look pretty tame.

7. Law Abiding Citizen

Yeah, yeah, we've seen it all before, but this version's script is wound tight and clever enough to draw blood. 

6. District 9

If 2012 is good cheese, then District 9 is a fine wine.

5. The Reader

I know, it was released in 2008, but my lists go from December to December, and it would be criminal to leave out this wrenching exploration of guilt and atonement.

4. Disgrace

The scenery is gorgeous, and the story — sorrowful but never sentimental — is hypnotic.

3. The Road 

It's often painful to watch (at my screening I actually heard the projectionist sobbing as the film neared its end), but Viggo Mortensen's performance as the dedicated father is Oscar bait.

2. The Last House on the Left

Easily the most brilliant remake of the decade, and not just because the 1972 original was such a crapfest. This beautifully photographed — but hard to watch — movie is the standard by which all horror/suspense films should be judged. This film is on par with The Silence of the Lambs.

1. The Hurt Locker

Bomb disposal is one of the great staples of war movies, but it has never been depicted in such terrifying detail as it is here. 

So there it is gang! There is Stephen King's top 10 movies of last year. It's all over the place, I agree with him on some and definitely disagree with him on others, but to each his own, if those are the movies he liked you probably won't be able to change his mind. 

Have anything to say about the master of horror's top 10 movie list? Then say it below!

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