Trailer for a great looking Giallo Style Slasher Thriller called AMER

If you thought The House of the Devil was good, you're gonna love this movie. The film is called AMER and as I watch the trailer I saw a lot of film similarities to the giallo filmmaking style of Italian Horror/Thriller director Dario Argento

The Italian slasher genre of giallo filmmaking centers around a series of themes such as murder, intrigue, witchcraft, lesbianism, the occult, bondage, and betrayal. The films focus more on sensory images and sounds, which is what makes these films a trip to watch.

Amer has heavily placed itself in this genre and it looks fantastic! The film comes from Belgian filmmakers Bruno Forzani and Helen Cattet. Here is a brief summary about the film.

Desire has always been linked to one's look. And cinema too. Luis Buñuel knew that very well when he filmed the short of a razor over an eye with a detail shot. Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani recover this image in an experimental film with immaculate style. Someone watches a girl through a keyhole. The wind lightly lifts a woman's skirt as a group of men look on. The fantasy of a dress tearing. Composed of fragments -of eyes, lights, shadows, gestures-- and without dialogues, Amer delves into the life of Ana, always halfway between the real and the imaginary. A film of sensations, always shot skin-deep.

Todd Brown from Twitch reviewed the film in which he explains that it's mostly dialogue-free. It follows three stages in the life of a woman named Ana - her childhood, adolescence and adulthood, and in each period the film is driven by the experience of being watched. He goes on to say:

Shot on what appears to be vintage film stock and driven by brilliantly lush and complex sound design, Amer perfectly captures the feel and editing style of the original classic giallo pictures without ever becoming precious or coy about the exercise.  This is not a period film - the cars and other technology is current - but the recapturing of a lost style.  This is not mimicry but a performance from a stunningly talented pair of young directors who have mastered a lost language and made it purely and entirely their own, employing it to create their own work rather than recycling others'.  Flawless.

I absolutely love the style and tone of this trailer, and it represents everything that has been discussed above. I'm a big fan of these kinds of films and it looks like this new one actually captures what the giallo genre is all about. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing this one.

Check out the trailer below and tell us what you think!


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