YES. The newest trailer for From Paris With Love is out, and this thing dominates. It reminds me of an early Transporter movie, and I'm totally stoked about this movie now. The first trailer was pretty awesome, but after seeing Travolta's ridiculous character in this newest trailer and realizing that he's not taking this role seriously at all, I'm so down with this I'm out the other side. It looks like a spiritual sequel to Swordfish.

Interestingly, I just reported that From Paris With Love director Pierre Morel has been signed to direct a new Dune adaptation, so it seems to be a good week for Mr. Morel. The film was written by Morel's longtime collaborator Luc Besson, and if you know who that is (IMDB him if you don't) you'll know that you're in for some totally kick-ass action.

The film hits theaters on February 5th, 2010. Are you as hyped for this as I am? Check out the trailer below, or head over to Apple for the HD treatment.

They are really playing up the fact that Morel is "the director of Taken," but I don't blame them: this film is being released about the same time that Taken was last year, and that movie turned into a surprise hit. They're obviously hoping to recapture lightning in a bottle, and I tell you what - with this trailer, they've got my money on opening weekend, guaranteed.

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