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When I was a child, 3-D was terrible. I don't mean terrible like we thought it was awesome, but it was terrible by today's standards. We knew it was terrible, but we still went to 3-D movies because there were usually one or two effects that pleased us. We couldn't wait for the day the technology improved.

Then theme parks brought us 3-D attractions that were of a much higher quality, such as the Terminator experience at Universal Studios, or Disney's Muppets 4-D, which opened in the 1990s at what was then MGM Studios.

Finally, within the last couple of years, 3-D technology at the movies has become a wonderful experience. Having suffered through Jaws 3-D in the 80s and Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare in the 1990s, I was blown away by the 3-D beauty of Up last summer.

Now, ESPN is bringing us television's first 3-D network. Here is the story from

Sports broadcasting will enter a new dimension in 2010 ... the third dimension, as ESPN will unveil the industry's first 3-D network.

ESPN 3D will showcase a minimum of 85 live sporting events during its first year, beginning June 11 with the first 2010 FIFA World Cup match, featuring South Africa versus Mexico, ESPN and ABC Sports president George Bodenheimer announced.

Other events to be produced in 3-D include the 2011 BCS National Championship Game, college basketball and football contests, up to 25 World Cup matches and the Summer X Games. Additional events will be announced at a later date.

"ESPN's commitment to 3-D is a win for fans and our business partners," Bodenheimer said in a statement. "ESPN 3D marries great content with new technology to enhance the fan's viewing experience and puts ESPN at the forefront of the next big advance for TV viewing."

ESPN has been testing ESPN 3D for more than two years, even showing a USC-Ohio State college football game in select theaters and to 6,000 fans at the Galen Center on USC's campus.

"This is a turning point for 3-D," Consumer Electronics Association CEO Gary Shapiro told USA Today.

I realize at Geektyrant we do not talk about sports too often, but I am curious to know your thoughts on this new network.

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