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In the future, the apes will take over. Civilizations will crumble and all literary works and histories of mankind will be lost to Time. The only documented evidence of our existence will be...This Week in Comics.

Welcome back, GeekTyrants! Hope your New Year breaks were invigorating and substantial enough to get you through this next year. 2010 has been sub-par so far, and I'm pretty disappointed in its performance. Six days should be enough time to get your act together, buddy. While I go talk to this year in the break room, take a gander at the news from the comic book industry this week.

-- Disney and Marvel FINALLY approved the merger, finalizing the transformation of both companies. Everything that can be said about this has been said months ago, so me talking about just makes me look bad. What's the bottom line? An article I read in the newspaper suggested that Disney wants to introduce unknown Marvel characters into their Disney line of TV shows and movies. Iron Fist and Nova were a couple names presented, as well as a tween superhero team called The Runaways. Oh well, just one more reason NOT to watch DisneyXD. Just kidding, I watch that channel. It's the only one that shows re-runs of Spider-Man cartoons. [Newsarama]

-- Speaking of "previously being Marvel", David Finch has crossed over to the worlds of the DCU, and is now a contracted writer. The only previous work he has done for DC was the 1999 "The Darkness/Batman"; however, Finch has unofficially penned DC characters, most of which he places on his blog. I suggest, if anything, to visit the man's art blog and see how professional of an artist he is. [Dave Finch Artblog : CBR : The Source]

-- If there was a term for corporate sellout, it would be "Newsarama". They never critique the comic book world as well as I think they should. I don't know, sue me for wanting to cry out against tyranny. Sometimes, though, the website manages to win me over, and for mentioning The Flash, they've done just that. In an article profiling artists to look for in 2010, they mention Francis Manapul, who is currently doing art for Adventure Comics (excellent title, by the way, I suggest you check it out). Soon, when Flash: Rebirth has concluded (art by Ethan Van Sciver, persoanl friend and colleague), Geoff Johns and Manapul will begin their stint on the new Flash title, featuring Barry Allen. They promise that it will portray the trials of a modern day CSI...

Horatio Caine: **puts on sunglasses** "Well, Mr. Allen, it looks like it's going to be a "Barry" good year..." YEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

 Also making the list? Bryan Lee O’Malley, the artist behind Scott Pilgrim. Meh. [Newsarama]

-- For all you Green Lantern fans out there, #50 takes place after Blackest Night #6. If you're only reading one or the other, you're pretty dumb. If you don't consider Geoff Johns the greatest writer of all time in song, literature and film, then you sir, should prepare for a knife fight down by the pond. In any case, Johns speaks on #50:

“Picking up right where BLACKEST NIGHT #6 left off, things get a whole lot brighter in GREEN LANTERN #50 as Hal finds himself side-by-side with the newest Corps recruits. But not all of them are exactly suited for the job. And none of them are prepared for the power of the Black Lantern Spectre. Doug Mahnke has done some of the most amazing work of his career on this issue.”

Get it? Brighter? Because GL has a ring that glows?? That's why he's the greatest writer. I bet that kinda stuff just comes to him. [The Source]

Comic of the Week: Weird Western Tales #71 "Western heroes Jonah Hex, Bat Lash, Scalphunter and Firehair rise from the dead as Black Lanterns." I've always wondered why they don't have a title that's just westerns. And if Firehair isn't an Indian, then he should be.

Until next week, Tyrants, keep reading!

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