Does it Really Surprise Anyone that there will be an AVATAR 2?

Movie AvatarAvatar 2 by Joey Paur

With Avatar making $1,131,752,464 I don't see why anyone wouldn't want to make a sequel. But today is the day that we learned James Cameron confirmed it. There was a recent screening of Avatar in Hollywood and James Cameron did a little Q&A afterwards. The moderator asked if there was going to be a sequel and Cameron said,

Yes, there'll be another.

So I'd be shocked if that's a shock to you, but here's a little food for thought. The first Avatar movie has made well over 1.1 billion dollars and rising. This is an original movie, this was not a sequel with a built in audience. Every other film on the top five grossing movies ever, besides Titanic, is a sequel like, Return of the King, Dead Man's Chest, and The Dark Knight. If the first Avatar made as much as it has, how much money will the sequel make!? 

A sequel to Avatar could blow up the box office in an epic blast of awesomeness. It will definitely make more than the first one, which has a very good chance of taking over Titanic as the #1 spot. 

Will you see the sequel?

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