G.I. JOE 2 is on its way to becoming a Reality with the Hiring of a Writer

MovieG.I. Joeby Joey Paur

I don’t know about you but I didn’t like G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra at all. I held out for hope that it would be good, I went in with low expectations, and it didn’t deliver the goods. I thought it would at least be fun to watch! But it just ended up being a huge disappointment, and all of my favorite G.I. Joe characters that I grew up with as a kid were ruined in the movie. I can’t forgive Stephen Sommers for that.

I’ll admit, it was a live-action cartoon brought to life, only that cartoon was not G.I. Joe. If you want to see a freakin' awesome reboot of G.I. Joe you should watch the G.I. Joe: Resolute animated movie that was released right before the live-action movie. That thing was awesome!

Fact of the matter is, no matter what I thought, people still saw the movie and it made $300 million dollars world wide and that’s enough money for Paramount Pictures to want to make a sequel. I just hope they leave Stephen Sommers out of it and recast most of the actors, but that won’t happen.

According to Collider a writer has been hired to write the script but sources wouldn't give out a name. I’m sure it’s no one that is going to blow our minds, unless they got Warren Ellis who wrote the animated G.I. Joe: Resolute.

The film is very early in the development stages but you can bet that Paramount is going to follow through with their plans to make it.


IESB just found out who the two writers are that will take on the the sequel to G.I. Joe. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are the two guys who will write the new G.I. Joe film. These are the same two guys who wrote Zombieland and are going to write the Deadpool spin-off movie. 

Does this mean there is a chance that the next G.I. Joe movie will actually be decent? I want to believe that, but I still just don't know. I think the two guys are talented writers, hopefully they can bust out a decent script.

Are you up for a G.I. JOE sequel? And the writers that are going to write it?

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